Poker dating

16-Dec-2017 17:15

People play hours and hours online some for real money some for free. You get alot of visitors to casino's who usually only play home games.Although in the states it's illegal to gamble online for real money. It's like taking candy from a baby playing those guys.You are right, you have to put in alot of hours into it to it to be good. I've played for years, the reason I could never go pro is A) I don't have ice cold water in my veins.It's not about luck, although luck certainly can and does help. You know what I mean by that, but not everyone does. That's where they get alot of their money for tournaments and such. I am very good (very intuitive) and I used to play in alot of tournaments and money games.

Spend most of the night folding, because my hands were weak. People would look at me like how did you know that?

It means, can you bluff at a half a million pot with nothing because you suspect whoever you are going against doesn't have much even if his not much is better than your nothing? without those sponsors, I'm sure they would play much tighter. However, if you never get a hand, no matter how many timely bluffs you do, you will get caught and eventually beat. I've been in tournaments where I've lasted as long as I could (maybe top fifteen) and never have even gotten a pair the whole time. I play poker online for free alot (playing right now and often especially while I'm on city data) and I've had months, grant you not weeks or days where I couldn't win a hand to save my life. You know what I mean seeing how you seem to play alot yourself. You'll get a good hand and you are so wary of bad beats that you now won't play it the way that you are supposed to.