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A property schema is a special schema that you associate with a message schema.

It is used for promoting specific values from within an instance message into the message context.

Field Element nodes in property schemas also have a property called Sensitive Information, which when set to Yes, will keep the corresponding value from being visible from within Biz Talk Explorer and message event and service instance tracking, thereby preserving its sensitive nature.

See Sensitive Information in the UI guidance and Developers reference for more details.

This is the easiest way to create the property schema required for property field promotion.

For more information about how to perform quick promotions, see How to Copy Data to the Message Context as Property Fields. When a Biz Talk project is open, select the Biz Talk project, right-click and select Add, click New Item, and then click Schema.

If you choose to promote fields as property fields, you will need to define a property schema first.

This property schema specifies an unstructured collection of fields into which you can promote fields from within an instance message defined by a schema associated with your property schema.

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It also contains three Field Element nodes below the Schema node.When the prop Sch Field Base attribute is set to Message Data Property Base, it means that the value of the promoted property corresponds to data in the message, such as the value of some field.

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