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18-Apr-2018 03:30

Phone 1 - I spoke about House of Cards, Australia, Outback Steakhouse and baby toys.

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These messages include public and private player chat, as well as game messages.This sponsored ad was from an unheard-of financial services company, that had 10 followers, and the post had 1 favorite.Again, it really could only have gotten these ad hints from audible conversation, not from the content of my posts or chats. I've deleted both the Facebook and Twitter apps (as well as my Facebook account) and it hasn't happened again.You casually "like" Netflix, , and AMC Theaters over the years? You post every day about diapers, bottles, and naps? At this point, Facebook is really good at serving you ads based on pages you like, statuses you post, and even outside websites you visit. If you're unsure about this, then head on over to Amazon. while you're scrolling through photos, Instagram listens in to what you say through your i Phone's microphone to drive targeted advertising through Facebook," says user popular_rhino in a discussion post on reddit's r/technology subreddit.

When Facebook sees that you just liked Outback Steakhouse, that's a signal equivalent to you saying "I want to eat Outback Steakhouse." When you like Groupon on Facebook, it's your way of telling Facebook "I like hearing about daily deals." Let us know in the comments. Through a series of clicks, Facebook can take a guess at what you like, want, and need. What's more accurate, however, is literally hearing someone say it.

The content displayed in the chat interface can be filtered using the six buttons that run across the bottom of the chat panel.

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