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And here I should mention that Ramsland notes that some experts in the field regard these women either as incapable of finding love in more normal ways, or as seeking a relationship that “romantically” can never be consummated (or, I might add, domesticated).Probably closer to the mark are other theorists she alludes to who hypothesize a more evolutionary (or Darwinian) motive, kindred to female primates regularly attracted to “larger, louder, more aggressive males.” Up just one level to the human species, we discover women drawn toward super-aggressive males who, presumably, can offer them much more status and protection than the average man.OK, so you watched the entire last season of “Dexter” in a weekend-long marathon, and now you just don’t know what to do with yourself.Not that you’d ever consider emulating that hunky Miami Metro knife wielder of doom, but your interest is definitely piqued.Later, Dahmer began drilling into the skulls of his live victims in an attempt to create zombies.Most died instantly, but Dahmer claims one victim remained in a zombified state for several days.My key reference here is a recent, provocative book on male vs.female sexual brains entitled , by computational neuroscientists Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam (Dutton, 2011).

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Though at the time, killing prostitutes was not seen as a big deal. But what made London society folk take note of Jack’s offenses was the brutality, the savagery and the precision with which he killed.At first, she provides explanations from the women themselves, women who actually married these dangerously unhinged criminals.Their reasons (somewhat elaborated here) include the assumptions that: Since these mostly self-deceptive notions derive from these women’s conscious minds, we need to delve much deeper if we’re to grasp the subconscious motives driving such melodramatically aberrant behavior.This evil dude was murdered in prison when an inmate crushed his skull.

blogger, Katherine Ramsland, offers some suggestions about why some women can be so attracted to, or hopelessly beguiled by, the most terrifying of human predators.

This comprehensive undertaking (with a bibliography containing over 1,300 items) analyzes enormous amounts of data extracted mostly from the Internet to come to conclusions that at times confirm earlier research in the area and almost as frequently contradict what previously had been inferred (thereby boldly turning a good deal of conventional wisdom on its head).