Dating girls in gdansk dating violence research questions

28-Jun-2017 23:14

but she is the only one of the 6 that i have any respect for.

now dont get me wrong here im not a woman hater its just the other 5 were users i cant go into deatail or i will be here forever.

what i must add is that i dont know why but in london its hard to chat up polish girls maybe they have been warned about us horny guys i dont know. I spent in England few months last year and I could compare Polish woman with English, Irish, Spanish and others.

First of all I noticed Polish girls are not only prettier but they're more feminine (most of them).

They are also very nice looking and their English accent has a real sexy Polish sound . But I find they are too set on hooking someone for marriage.

Once they hit 24 or 25 look out: they want a husband and children ! Re: Polish girls A common reaction of Polish girls to English girls is - YURRRK, what a set of fat slappers with loud mouths, no sense of style or femininity and the morals of a bitch on heat - and they can't even bake a cake. Re: Polish girls ive briefly read through the posts and must say there was a lot to digest.

ive been poland 5 times ive had 6 polish girlfriends and have been with my current polish girlfriend aged 22 for 4 years she is blonde blue eyed dress size 8 and she is beutiful.

the polish guys have never stolen from me ( tools etc ) some polish guys are lazy some do a crap job but ive never come across a thief.

Up until recently, I was seeing a stunning polish girl, who was kind, caring, not seeking marriage and earned her own salary (ended as I'm a close protection officer and moving over to Eastern Europe to work and not for any unsavoury reason).

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