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To help Ryan Gosling stay in character, the real doll was treated like an actual person, as is done by the characters in the movie.

She was dressed privately in her own trailer and was only present for scenes that she was in.

After meeting with his father, he has doubts that he is deserving of a serious relationship with her.

While attending the wedding of Alexis' sister Rachel (Diora Baird), he realizes that she is one of his previous bad dates.

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The only problem is that she's not real - she's a sex doll Lars ordered off the Internet.A motorcycle stunt rider turns to robbing banks as a way to provide for his lover and their newborn child, a decision that puts him on a collision course with an ambitious rookie cop navigating a department ruled by a corrupt detective.A middle-aged husband's life changes dramatically when his wife asks him for a divorce.Dustin takes Alexis on a date and confesses his love but she insists they remain friends.

After the date Dustin explains his situation to Tank who volunteers his services as a good friend (instead of having to pay for his services as usual). He behaves badly all night but Alexis is too drunk to care.Downtown locations were maintained as well until 1941.